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You Are Creative- Listen In for Proof

You Are Creative- Listen In for Proof

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We moms push our interests at the back while raising our kids. When kids grow up, they find their own world and then we feel empty and even resent the fact that our kids didn’t let us pursue our passion. But, did your kids actually ask you to stop? They didn’t.

In this episode, I talk with Monika Shrimal, a paper-artist who found her true interest after motherhood and started pursuing it actively after having two kids under the age of two. Here. she shares her story and inspires us to work on our interests and passions. Click ‘Play’ now!

You are creative

What we discuss in this episode-

-How Monika found her passion and how you can too

-How to stay creative in every situation

-Finding time for what you love

-What is success

-How to stay positive

-Our life doesn’t stop at motherhood

-Don’t blame your kids for stopping you from pursuing your dreams

Monika also mentions some amazing resources that can help you so don’t miss and hit that ‘Play’ button.

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