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Unfair Treatment at Work- What Happens and What a Woman Wants

Unfair Treatment at Work- What Happens and What a Woman Wants

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Going back to work after having a child is a tough decision in itself and we have talked about making the decision in Episode 26. But what if you join work again and meet with less than enthusiastic colleagues especially superiors. Many women joining the workforce after motherhood have to go through challenges they don’t deserve. If she has made the decision to be back, rest assured she will give it her best but many employers aren’t able to understand this. Some bosses can be difficult overtly while others drop subtle hints.

In this episode, I discuss unfair practices towards mothers at the workplace- Mommy track, what they have to go through and what they really want.

I have Divya Kapoor with me who talks about her experience with such unfair treatment at her IT company and how she found support.

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