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This One Thing Will Keep You Fit for Life

This One Thing Will Keep You Fit for Life

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How to lose weight? How to lose belly fat? The not so secret solution is to start working for it. Not just cardio, you need to start strength training for results that last you a lifetime. Weight training is not just lifting dumbbells and it doesn’t help you only in looking toned. As you get older, the regular functioning of your body depends on how much muscle mass you have and weight training helps in building that. In this episode, fitness trainer Ishav Lamba Mehta shares everything you need to know about strength training- its benefits and how to start. She has helped me in getting stronger, losing inches and weight. Hit ‘Play’ to discover your path to fitness.

How to lose weight


What We Discuss in this Episode-

-The importance of strength training

-Strength training for beginners

-Weight training vs Cardio

-How to be active while being stuck at home

-The right age to start strength training

Your body will thank you for listening to this episode so don’t miss.

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