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The Truth Behind Biodegradable Pads and How to Make Your Period Better and Sustainable- Smita Kulkarni, Stonesoup

The Truth Behind Biodegradable Pads and How to Make Your Period Better and Sustainable- Smita Kulkarni, Stonesoup

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Many of us are aware that disposable pads generate waste that won’t be decomposed for hundreds of years. Similarly, biodegradable disposable pads take at least two years to decompose which again is too long compared to the guidelines for degradable waste. Degradable waste has to decompose in 45-60 days to be used as compost.

This shows that any kind of disposable pads aren’t good for the environment. Moreover, most pads have extremely harmful chemicals that affect the women using them. Not to mention the discomfort of wearing pads. Enter menstrual cups and reusable cloth pads- two products that can make a massive difference to the amount of waste produced.

In this episode, I speak to Smita Kulkarni, Co-Founder of Stonesoup, a brand that makes sustainable living easier. She talks about the lies that disposable pad brands tell us and why using cups is a better idea for your own body too. She also explains that cloth pads aren’t as much work to manage as we think. In-fact, once we get used to any of these sustainable options, we won’t go back to the discomfort of disposable facts. Tune in to understand why reusing is hygienic and how we can switch to a comfortable period.

Smita Kulkarni Stonesoup Sustainable Menstruation

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