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Story Behind Little Fixes Podcast and 2020 Goals

Story Behind Little Fixes Podcast and 2020 Goals

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Starting Little Fixes Podcast is one of my bravest decisions. I have gone from wanting to be a Radio Jockey to doing something similar.

Indian Podcast for Women

I started Little Fixes because I love listening to podcasts but couldn’t find anything specific for regular Indian women.
There are many people who have helped me along the way and you can find out who they are in this episode.

My biggest goal for 2020 is to grow this Podcast and I have some numbers on my mind. I am hoping to achieve all of that in the coming 12 months.

Hit Play for some behind the scenes or more like ‘behind the audio’ info about how a podcast episode is made.

Wish me luck and subscribe to Little Fixes Podcast on whichever platform you listen to it.

Have some suggestions or want to be a guest on the podcast? Write to littlefixespodcast@gmail.com or send a DM to Little Fixes Podcast on Instagram.

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