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Soul Slings Full Buckle Standard Soft Structured Baby Carrier Review

Soul Slings Full Buckle Standard Soft Structured Baby Carrier Review

It’s been more than 7 months since I jumped on to the Babywearing band wagon and the ride has been amazing. I and Idhaya enjoyed the experience from the very first time. Babywearing has got me through long walks, work-from-home and even household chores. It’s just me and baby at home throughout the day so it’s natural for her to get clingy but thanks to Babywearing, I have sailed through.

soulslings full buckle baby carrier review

Here, I am not only reviewing the much loved Soul Slings Full Buckle Standard Soft Structured Baby Carrier but will also be sharing tidbits of my Babywearing experience. Let me clarify that the carrier was sent by the brand for review but be assured that you will be given a completely honest opinion.

What Soul Says about their Full Buckle (Standard) SSC

Weight recommendation : 7-18 kg (15-40 lb) approx
Seat width : 15.5 inches
Body panel height :17 inches
Fibre : Pure 100% cotton, plain weave.
Adjustments :2-way shoulder adjustment + PFA + sliding back/chest straps
Tested for :ASTM F2236

Soul Slings Full Buckles are lightweight, breathable and very comfortable baby carriers. Made completely out of 100% natural fibres, they are ideal for all climates. These highly adjustable carriers fit users ranging from petite to ‘plus sizes’! Buckles make them quick and hassle-free. These are sturdy soft structured carriers (SSC) that have been designed to carry your baby in an ergonomic and natural position. They distribute the weight of the baby evenly on your own body, and can be worn in front and back carries.

Price- INR 5,750/-

My Review of Soul Full Buckle Standard Soft Structured Baby Carrier

The variant I got is ‘Heal’. It’s bright orange with red accents. I got this one because it pops beautifully against my mostly pastel wardrobe. There are many more beautiful colours to choose from.

soul slings review

This Soul SSC can be used for both front and back carry. I prefer front carrying and it helps that my daughter is quite light which means not much strain on back. I wear her on back only when I have to to something in kitchen but yes nothing involving tempering or other potentially hazardous things.

Idhaya is one year old and is always at complete ease while being worn in Soul Full Buckle Standard. I will any day prefer full buckles to any other kind of carriers because these are so easy to be worn. Wearing baby in front carry takes just about a minute once all the straps are adjusted to your size. You won’t need anyone’s help in wearing your baby.

soul slings carrier review

Soul Slings Full Buckle (Standard) gives complete support to my weak back and I have walked almost 2 kilometers in one go while wearing Idhaya in it. The carrier is not only beautiful but is also very sturdy. The shoulder straps have 3-way adjustments for ease of use and are well padded for your comfort. Even the waistband is well padded and is broad enough for good support. Despite all the padding, Soul Slings Full Buckle Baby Carrier is quite light in weight.

Soul slings baby carrier review
Thick shoulder pads and 3-way adjustable shoulder straps

The Soul SSC is made of 100% breathable cotton so my girl doesn’t feel hot in it. The thigh pads keep her even cosier. Idhaya sits in the optimum M-position in this carrier and gets knee-to-knee coverage easily. The carrier is big enough so even older kids will be snug and in ergonomic position.

The Soul Slings Full Buckle Baby Carrier has an attached hood which can be used to protect the baby from sun, wind and light drizzle. It’s also intended to be useful while breastfeeding though I haven’t tried it that way. The hood though useful is not the easiest to use or maybe I am doing it wrong. Except this little drawback, I can’t find another fault in this sleek and stylish baby carrier.

soul slings baby carrier

Soul Slings Full Buckle SSC comes with a detailed User Manual that has pictorials on how to carry your baby and other important instructions. You can also check out Soul’s YouTube channel for video tutorials about Baby Wearing.

I find this Soul Baby Carrier to be safe, stylish and a complete value for money product. If you love Babywearing, you will love it more with this carrier and if you want to start wearing your little one, Soul Slings Full Buckle Carrier is an ideal choice. They have many other varieties of baby carriers and cute products for you and baby. I totally recommend checking out their website-

Do you also enjoy Babywearing? I would love to know your experience.

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