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Pricing Your Freelance Services and Budgeting Plus Blogging Tips

Pricing Your Freelance Services and Budgeting Plus Blogging Tips

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You have decided what you want to sell, where you want to sell it and how. Now comes the crucial part of Pricing Your Freelance Services or physical products. It’s easy to undersell or even overprice your services if you lack proper guidance. In this episode of Little Fixes Podcast, I speak to Preeti Sharma about Pricing Your Freelance Services and Budgeting. Preeti has gone from being a full time corporate employee to a successful freelance social media professional. How to price your freelance services in IndiaIn continuation of the last episode about Freelancing in India, this episode has insights about-

– Pricing Your Freelance Services
– Importance of budgeting while working from home
– How not to overspend money and time
– The biggest mistake Preeti made and what she learnt from it (Do Not Miss This Part)
– When should you get paid (You make the rules)
– Dos and Don’ts for mom-bloggers (Simple yet effective advice)

Preeti says that you you have to count every expense whether it’s electricity or internet while Pricing Your Freelance Services. It’s vital that you get back what you invest and then slowly start making profit too. She tells the biggest mistake she made when she started out; you will learn a valuable lesson from that story.

As both I and Preeti are bloggers too, we discuss what it takes to be a successful mom-blogger. She shares one thing you should do and one thing you shouldn’t.

Add lots of giggles and stories & you have an episode, you wouldn’t want to miss. Make sure that you sit with a pen and paper to take notes because this episode along with its first part has the ability to kick-start your freelancing journey and give it the right direction.

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