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A Podcast for Indian Women: I Am Starting My Own Podcast- Little Fixes

A Podcast for Indian Women: I Am Starting My Own Podcast- Little Fixes

So excited to share that there’s now A Podcast for Indian Women living in India. Yours truly is the brain behind this one and I am sure that it will help you. When it comes to Indian Podcasts, there are rarely any especially for Personal Development of Women. Little Fixes Podcast aims to be a friendly place for modern Indian Women where they will find guidance on their big and small problems.


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Little Fixes Podcast has stories, experiences, ideas and guidance to enrich women’s lives.

Indian Podcast for women


This Podcast discusses personal-development- career, fitness, social media growth, kids, family, self-care and more. I and my guests share simple doable things to add value to your life. Everything is focused on Indian women.

Little Fixes Podcast will have interviews with experts and there will also be my solo shows. All of them will be valuable and a lot of fun.

Why A Podcast-

Podcasts are better than blogs and videos because they are just audio and you can listen to them any time. Whether you are working out, doing household chores, commuting, feeding your kids or just chilling. A podcast doesn’t make your phone exclusive to it. You can play it in background and use all other apps on your phone. How cool is that!

Made in India for Indian Women

Such A Podcast for Indian Women is nowhere to be found and so I decided to create one for you.

Indian Podcast


I am planning to upload one episode per week on topics you will enjoy. You can also tell me what do you want to know more about or maybe you have something valuable to share with other women! It’s easy to reach out. Just drop an email to-

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Let’s hang out!

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