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Meet My Best Friends- How to Start and Maintain Authentic Friendships

Meet My Best Friends- How to Start and Maintain Authentic Friendships

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Generally the episodes on the 5th of the month are solo but today’s episode is an exception because I have some exceptional people with me. In episode 95, I had talked about making best friends in my 30s despite being socially anxious. Today all my best friends are here with me and it’s not the first time we all are doing an episode together. We all did episode 12 of Little Fixes together back in 2020.  Also, all 3 of my besties have solo interview episodes on Little Fixes. But today’s episode is about female friendship and more speciafically our friendship. Fun conversations, some interesting revelations and so much more.  I have Tripti jain who is a social media marketer, Preeti Sharma who is a Product Operation Specialist- India  at Quora and Nikki Deora who is a mindfulness coach. Tune in for laughter and friendship advice.


How to form authentic friendships


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