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Just 5 Minutes a Day for a Happier You

Just 5 Minutes a Day for a Happier You

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Just 5 Minutes a Day for a Happier You

Self-love or self-care is a lot more than a trip to a spa and you need just 5 minutes everyday to start discovering it. In this episode, meditation teacher Ruchika tells us about the importance of meditation and how anyone can practice it. She breaks the biggest myths around meditation. Spoiler alert- meditation is not the absence of thoughts.

meditation and self love


What We discuss in this episode-

-What is meditation

-What’s a successful meditation

-Taking control of your emotions

-How meditation helps you in daily life

-Meditation and parenting

-How to start meditating

The benefits of meditation are far reaching and once you start, you wouldn’t stop. Tune in to the episode now to take control of your emotions and your life.

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