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How to Nurture Independent Kids- The Montessori Way with Neha Kotecha Rao

How to Nurture Independent Kids- The Montessori Way with Neha Kotecha Rao

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Never help a child with a task at which they think they can succeed. Raising an independent child goes beyond enabling them to do daily tasks. Being self-reliant helps them in being smart,confident and self-sufficient adults. In Montessori, there are simple ways to make your kids independent and you can start when they are still babies. You don’t need anything special to apply the concepts of Montessori at home. Some small tweaks at your home and more importantly in your own mindset go a long way in making children self-sufficient. Tune in to this conversation to find out what to do and how. It’s our Mother’s Day special episode, where I speak with Montessori Coach and Directress Neha Kotecha Rao.

Neha is a qualified Montessori Directress trained from Indian Montessori Training Centre, Primary Years Course for ages 2.5years – 6 years and also completed her Associate Montessori Internationale, Elementary Assistants Course for ages 6-12 years. She is an experienced Montessori Directress and has worked with authentic Montessori schools both in Gurgaon & Mumbai.

how to nurture independent kids the montessori way

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