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Helping Your Kids Enjoy Learning and Being a Calmer Parent

Helping Your Kids Enjoy Learning and Being a Calmer Parent

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Helping Your Kids Enjoy Learning and Being a Calmer Parent

You don’t need to do elaborate learning activities with your kid to start early learning. A few changes in your daily life can have a positive impact on their growth and desire to learn. In this episode, Educator and TEDx speaker Vaishali K makes Montessori simple. She also talks about how you can tweak your approach to be a calmer and happier parent.

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What do we discuss in this episode for Helping Your Kids Enjoy Learning-

-What is early learning and why is it important

-The basics of Montessori

-Gentle Parenting

-Mindful Parenting

-Active Parenting

-Handling tantrums

-How to be a calmer parent


Resources mentioned in the episode-

Nickav25 Instagram Page

Kavanaugh Report Blog


Suggested Books-

How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way- Tim Seldin

The Whole Brain Child by Daniel J. Siegel

In this episode of Little Fixes, Vaishali explains that early learning is not a fancy concept. It’s very simple and every parent can follow it to help their child be a better learner. Something as simple as sorting socks helps toddler’s developing brains.

We also discuss popular terms like Gentle Parenting, Mindful Parenting and Active Parenting. You don’t have to read up a lot to be a better parent. Just being mindful, proactive and understanding can help you deal with your child in a better way which helps both of you.

We play a quick rapid fire too to take a break from discussions.

This chat about Helping Your Kids Enjoy Learning will make you realise how simple it can be to introduce your child to early learning and be a calmer parent yourself.

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