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Freelance Work Opportunities in India and How to Find Them

Freelance Work Opportunities in India and How to Find Them

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Freelance Work is an attractive career option especially for Stay at Home Moms. It can be quite lucrative too if you have the correct information about how to go about it. Most of us have a talent that we can monetize from the comfort of our homes.
In this episode, Preeti Sharma, a freelance digital marketer shares her strategy of finding suitable freelance work. She shares how she started and how you can start regardless of your area of interest.

freelance work opportunities in India

Preeti suggests finding your what, how and where before you jump into freelancing. You have to be clear what is your area of expertise and what products or services you can offer. Next, you have to choose one or two platforms where you want to promote your work. She suggests some good platforms to showcase your work and tips on how to find clients.

It’s essential to discipline yourself so that your personal life doesn’t suffer in pursuit of work. It’s easy to have no boundaries when working from home but you have to be clear about balancing things. Preeti says that freelancer-moms are employees and moms 24*7 so you have to find inner peace. You have chosen this line of work so you have to be confident of yourself and your abilities.

It’s vital to accept that a few things will always be pending so we should let them be and work without going out of our way. Never give more than 100% to any area of your life. Take only as much work as you can easily manage. Never give more than committed hours to a project.

Don’t miss this amazingly insightful episode of Little Fixes Podcast about Freelance Work Opportunities in India.

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