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Find Your Child’s Natural Genius and Nurture It with DMIT

Find Your Child’s Natural Genius and Nurture It with DMIT

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Getting your kid admitted in all the ‘trending’ classes is what a lot of parents do these days. They feel that their child has to be good at everything whether it’s studies, dance, sports or chess. Some other parents are unsure whether to get their child enrolled in any extracurricular activities at all. This is where DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) or simply put Brain Mapping can help. DMIT is a psychometric analysis based on fingerprints but it has its roots in science and not astrology.

The test reports help you and your child in understanding their strengths, weaknesses and overall personality which are vital in deciding their career path. Not just kids, DMIT helps adults in understanding themselves better and is even used by employers to make the best use of their employees’ skills.

Some doctors are against DMIT and don’t believe its scientific connection.

To understand this better, I speak to DMIT Consultant and Parent Educator Khushi Hinduja who explains the scientific facts behind DMIT, how it helps and how you can get it done. This episode will introduce you to a new concept and if you are already aware of DMIT, this episode will help you decide whether you want to get the analysis done for your kid.

Find Your Child’s Natural Genius and Nurture It with DMIT

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