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How We Unknowingly Teach Our Kids that Femininity is Lesser and How to Do Better

How We Unknowingly Teach Our Kids that Femininity is Lesser and How to Do Better

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It’s not just about the colours or the kind of toys a kid plays with; the tendency to belittle ‘womanly’ things is much more deep rooted. Even though the world’s most famous designers and chefs are men (this is the topic for another discussion), people still mock a boy who likes to cook, sew or wear makeup. When did cooking become girlish or even if it was, why is it not the right thing to do for a boy? People let their boys wear mom’s heels at home but not outside. It’s even more problematic than not letting them wear heels at all.

how to raise accepting kids

Such notions are very common in India and even in more advanced societies like the United States of America. Don’t believe me? Listen to my talk with American Writer, Singer and Actor Craig Pomranz who shares how stereotypes are common everywhere in the world and what we can do to be more accepting.

Craig is the author of Made By Raffi, a wonderful book for kids (and adults) which tells us that it’s ok to be different and it always pays to be you.

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