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I Eat When I am Sad- Emotional Eating and How to Deal with It

I Eat When I am Sad- Emotional Eating and How to Deal with It

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Do you like to bury your sadness in food or are you someone who stops eating when sad. Gorging on ice-creams and chocolates when wistful is ok sometimes but when it becomes a pattern, it can be a case of Emotional Eating. On the other hand, if you shun food when feeling sad, it can also be Emotional Eating. This condition affects us not only physically but also mentally. The roots of Emotional Eating can go back to our childhood too. Hence, it’s important to identify it and heal completely.

In this episode, Dietitian & Clinical Nutritionist Namrata Manyal talks about what is emotional eating, how to identify it and how to heal. Listen in for a healthier you.

emotional eating and how to deal with it


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