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Easy and Practical Postpartum Fitness Tips + All about Supplements- Little Fixes Podcast

Easy and Practical Postpartum Fitness Tips + All about Supplements- Little Fixes Podcast

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Can’t go to a gym? Episode 2 of Little Fixes Podcast has some practical Postpartum Fitness Advice for you. It continues from where we left off in the first episode.
Ex-army officer and health coach Ritu says that working out at home is as effective as going to a gym if you are motivated.

postpartum fitness

At-Home Exercise Ideas for Postpartum Fitness

If you can invest in some equipment, get a set of dumbbells. They don’t have to be very heavy; slow repetitions with lighter weights are also very effective. Another product that you can invest in is a resistance-band or resistance-loop. It also provides muscle-tension that aids in fat-loss.

If you don’t want to invest in any equipment, body-weight exercises are for you. Start with front planks, side planks, wall-pushups, wall-sit hold, lunges and squats. For weight, you can even pick little kids.

A word of caution for mothers who have Diastasis Recti, don’t do exercises like push-ups, crunches and front-plank that make your tummy work against the motion of gravity. You can do side planks and squats for Fitness Postpartum.
There are many videos online that show the correct way of doing all these exercises and you can follow them.

Do You Need Nutrition Supplements

The task of supplements is to fill the gaps in your diet where you are not able to fulfill your nutritional requirements with food. You can calculate these gaps with the help of free calculators available online then get the supplements for the nutrients you lack in.

Pregnant and lactating women always need supplements.

Omega -3 and water soluble vitamins like vitamin C are essential and all of us can take them as per requirement.

Every Body Type is different-

Even Kareena Kapoor and Malaika Arora have different looking bodies even though both of them are fit. You can’t change your genetic makeup and bone-structure. Be realistic. Work on your body but don’t set unrealistic goals just by looking at actors and influencers.

Being fit means that you have the energy to go about your realistic day to day tasks and you don’t have any deficiency and disease.

How to Start

Stop scrolling through motivational posts and start working on yourself. Start with getting up early; an easy way to start is to start by shifting your wake-up time to just 15 minutes before your regular time.

New moms shouldn’t worry too much about any of these rather focus on getting rest and eating healthy. Once you have the time and energy, start by fitting in 10-15 minutes of workout in your daily routine. Move more around the house rather than sitting at one place for a long time. These little things will take you a long way in your Postpartum Fitness journey.

Start small but start.

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