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Creating a Community, Building Trust and Finding Your Niche

Creating a Community, Building Trust and Finding Your Niche

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Have a question about fashion, lifestyle, beauty or parenting? You can find answers on Mummy Ka Pitara, a mom-community on Instagram. Starting one-of-a-kind close-knit community of mothers and finding solutions to all their problems has made Mummy Ka Pitara a place for every mom. Hit Play on Episode 3 of Little Fixes Podcast to know how Nikki succeeded in Creating a Community and how you can find your own voice.

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What Is In Mummy Ka Pitara

When every other mom on Instagram including me was planning to become a blogger, Nikki started a community to bring all the moms together.


MKP is a place where you will find loads of humor to lighten up your mood. Nikki creates relatable funny videos for mothers. Every parenting woe gets a humorous touch on MKP.


MKP is also a place to find answers to any of your queries whether you want to know about the most suitable first food for your kid or want to decide your outfit for a party.
You just have to send a Direct Message to Mummy Ka Pitara and Nikki will crowdsource the answers for you.

Social Media Tips

Nikki doesn’t believe in keeping her learnings to herself and shares her knowledge about Instagram growth tips with everyone. She conducts live sessions too where you can ask her anything directly. Seeing the kind of engagement on her posts, you will definitely want to know how she does it.

You can learn a few tips about connecting with others, being honest and Creating A Community from MKP and Nikki shares it all in this episode.

Nikki advises aspiring mom-bloggers to not run after getting the maximum number of collaborations and rather work on their content. After all, content wins in long term.
This chatty Podcast Episode has a whole lot of fun and valuable ideas for you. Don’t miss!

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