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Anti-Ageing Simplified for Busy Indian Moms

Anti-Ageing Simplified for Busy Indian Moms

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It’s so confusing to choose the right skincare products and even more confusing to pick anti-ageing products. Continuing from where we left in the last episode, dermatologist Dr. Ankita Sangwan tells you all about caring for skin around eyes and neck-sagging. She also talks about DIY skincare, pigmentation and effects of sugar on skin. You will get product recommendations and find out what brands don’t want you to know. You will love this episode so tune in now.

Anti Ageing Tips for Busy Indian Women

What We Discuss in this Episode-

-Caring for the skin around eyes

-How to prevent neck sagging

-Which actives to use for different skin types

-Specific product recommendations

-Why should be careful before trying DIY masks

And a lot more. You will walk away with all the information you need to improve your skin. So, don’t miss the episode.

Products recommended in the episode-

VC X Serum by Cipla

RoC Pro-Sublime Anti-Wrinkle Eye Reviving Cream

Avarta Under Eye Cream With Lightening & Firming Action

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Anti Ageing Day Moisturizer


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