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5 Big Little Things I Want My Daughter to Learn

5 Big Little Things I Want My Daughter to Learn

My little baby girl will be 1 in a few days. She will move on to toddlerhood and will create more challenges for me and her Papa. The absolute innocence of being a baby will give way to an awareness which will still be pure and innocent but with a dash of newfound smartness (she is too smart anway :D).

I don’t know whether it’s good or bad but I don’t have any expectations from my little girl. I just want her to be happy in her life. I have read a few parenting books about which I will talk later and those have helped me in getting a better perspective of things. I don’t know everything and so reading helps but again it’s not possible to apply all the things you read. To get a better view of things, I asked people on my Instagram page that what they want to teach their kids and their ideas were same as mine. All of us parents are the same that way and so are the Life Lessons to Teach Your Child.

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I am typing away while my girl is sleeping next to me and I can’t believe that this cute face has so much to learn and even more things to do. The basic things that I want Idhaya to understand are gender-neutral and that would be it in a perfect world but there will be other things that she will have to learn. As of now, let’s continue just with her starters’ kit because there are many more Life Lessons to Teach Your Child and the post will be too long if I list everything here.


Babies are born optimists and it’s reflected in the way they don’t give up on trying to pick that speck of dirt 😛 I see Idhaya trying to climb on bed everyday even though she is too small for that. The twinkle in her eyes on spotting something new is the signal that she wants it and will try to get it in anyway she can. Most of us stop being optimistic as we grow and I don’t want this to happen to her. I will try my best to make  her understand the importance of staying positive with my words and more importantly with experience.


I have always been an independent person but again not as much as I would like to be. I have my limitations which probably stem from upbringing. For Idhaya, I want a more open and a more accepting type of parenting. Both me and my husband want her to be able to feel that she can do anything on her own without looking for others’ approval.



Being compassionate towards other people makes us a better person and the world a better place. There are many sides of kindness but my favourite way is to be empathetic. A baby will learn empathy only if she gets it at home so I resolve daily to be more understanding. I don’t succeed daily but the optimist in me knows that I will get there. As it is always said that following what you preach is one of the best ways to give Life Lessons to Teach Your Child.

4.Good and Bad

To be able to differentiate between right and wrong is a life skill according to me. It can be tough to see the greater good but the basic idea of right and wrong is essential for kids to be able to live peacefully wherever they are. Honesty and justice are something that every kid should be made to understand from the start.


Even though I am tempted to, I don’t always assist Idhaya in everything she does. I am scared of almost everything and passing on this fear is very easy but I am trying to control my nerves for her sake. She needs to tackle challenges and learn. If I make things easy for her, she won’t be able to cope with real life challenges later on.

I would love to know the virtues that you want to inculcate in your child. What according to you are the Life Lessons to Teach Your Child?

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