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15 Funny Parenting Quotes to Make You Forget Parenting Woes

15 Funny Parenting Quotes to Make You Forget Parenting Woes

These Funny Parenting Quotes are meant to make parenting lighter. We all have crazy days and most of them are too much to handle. Laughing at things makes life a little easier and keeps us parents from losing our s**t.

I regularly share Humorous Parenting Quotes on my Instagram feed and they are quite popular there. Most of these Funny Quotes About Kids are my own creations while others are inspired or even copied. The idea is to spread smiles because life is tough as it is. Here I am sharing some of my most appreciated Funny Parenting Quotes and if you want to read them all, follow me on Instagram now.


Funny Parenting Quotes


1.  Thank God There’s No Such Person. This is one of my most loved Humorous Parenting Quotes. I am sure that you can relate.

Funny parenting quotes


2.  I am her favourite toy apparently and I don’t have enough nerves in my body.

funny quotes about kids


3.  It probably happens because I remember that I am a person only after the monster is asleep.

funny mom quotes and sayings


4. I read this somewhere and laughed so hard that tears came to my eyes. Trues words were never spoken.

humorous parenting tips


5.  I definitely need self-defence classes to deal with my little attacker. Do you too?

funny parenting advice for first time parents


6.  One of those musical Funny Parenting Quotes that annoys you because the song starts playing in your head.

child humor quotes


7.  Am I looking for excuses?

short funny quotes for kids


8.  We co-slept from day one and there is no end in sight.

funny parenting jokes


9.  If only being a ‘Yes Parent’ was this simple.

humorous quotes on raising children


10.  Nap time is me-time but any unpredictability throws parents off grid.

funny parenting saying


11.  I hope that I am not alone in this.

parentig funny memes


12.  Toddlers have the power to make you enjoy the weirdest things.

fun quotes about parenting


13.  One more because potty jokes never get old even when they are Funny Parenting Quotes.

funny parenting status updates


14.  A baby Unicorn maybe!

funny parenting quotes pinterest


15.  Parenthood makes you late for everything and soon you learn to use it as an excuse for being late or even not showing up.

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Which of these Funny Parenting Quotes are most relatable for you?

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