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From Polio to Professional Success- Shilpa Mehta Jain’s Story is the Inspiration You Need

From Polio to Professional Success- Shilpa Mehta Jain’s Story is the Inspiration You Need

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Most of us don’t feel beautiful enough, thin enough, curvy enough. We keep finding faults with our looks and keep comparing ourselves to the perfect images in the media. This tendency affects our mental health and can even have serious impacts in some cases. But what if someone has a condition which limits their mobility but they overcome it and do big things!

We can do lots of things instead of being stuck on what we can’t change and yes this goes for everything. Shilpa Mehta Jain was diagnosed with 94% PPRP Post Polio Residual Paralysis in both the lower limbs with Scoliosis when she was just 2 months old but that hasn’t stopped her from achieving everything she aimed for. From swimming to driving, she does it independently and with dedication. She is also the CFO of Shantilal C Mehta. Shilpa and her husband have co-founded dJED Foundation, an NGO that focuses on the causes of Ecology, Education and Entrepreneurship. She has done so much despite suffering from a disability. When I asked her what term I should use when I talk about her condition, she said it doesn’t matter. Disabled, differently abled, specially abled or anything else, such labels don’t matter to her because she is more than that. Tune in for today’s dose of inspiration.

Shilpa Mehta Jain CFO Shantilal C Mehta dJED foundation

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