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How to Deal with Change? Resilience is the Answer ft. Jaya Mehrotra

How to Deal with Change? Resilience is the Answer ft. Jaya Mehrotra

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We hear about the virtues of resilience all the time but being resilient is not that simple. Clinical psychologist Meg Jay says that Resilience is not a trait. It’s not something you’re born with. It’s not something you just have. 

In short, you have to become more resilient. A resilient person is able to see the bigger picture so that they don’t dwell on the problem unnecessarily. Whether it’s about dealing with changes or about embracing our failures, a resilient mindset always helps us.

In this episode, I talk about Developing a resilient and healthy mindset with Jaya Mehrotra. Jaya is a Leadership and Transformation Coach to Fortune 500s, a motivational speaker and is the Founder of Women Leadership Circle. We both have shared some of our challenging real life situations and how we overcame them.

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