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When Anxiety Gets Out of Control- How Ritu Defeated Depersonalization Derealization Disorder

When Anxiety Gets Out of Control- How Ritu Defeated Depersonalization Derealization Disorder
Trigger Warning- Contains references to panic attacks and suicidal thoughts.

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On Little Fixes, we talk a lot about mental health. I’ve had many experts here and have shared my experience with anxiety and therapy in the past. In this episode, I’m talking to a person who dealt with a mental health issue very few of us know about.

I am speaking with Captain Ritu Kumar Singh. She is an ex-Indian Army Officer, TEDx speaker and a women’s health and fitness coach specialising in pregnancy and post natal fitness. Ritu is the Founder of India’s first non-judgemental pregnancy and postpartum health platform ‘Fit Moms Fitter Homes’. She is an accomplished, inspiring woman and people look up to her. She is known as the brave girl but in 2022 she went through a life changing event. She experienced depersonalization derealization disorder (DDD or DPDR) even though everything in her life seemed to be going fine. It’s supposed to be a very rare condition. 

According to Mayo clinic- “Depersonalization-derealization disorder occurs when you persistently or repeatedly have the feeling that you’re observing yourself from outside your body or you have a sense that things around you aren’t real, or both. Feelings of depersonalization and derealization can be very disturbing and may feel like you’re living in a dream.”

Sounds scary, right? I can’t even imagine what a person experiencing DDD goes through. It’s a sensitive topic but I urge you to stay with us and understand that different types of mental health issues are real. This talk might also give you some tools to help yourself and others.

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